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Before Admission Committee Decision


不管官方声称的是不是rolling admission,个人认为master还是尽量早提交,我们都无从得知那帮committee到底会怎么搞,压线提交的话万一真是rolling就亏大了。

2月份试图套磁,给Program Director发了两封邮件,给Program Specialist发了一封,均未得到回复。

PhD有prof可以套,但是master不好说,因为要找到愿意理你、愿意帮你、在committee里说话有分量的人抱大腿,可是收了你对他还没什么好处,至少对于这个career-oriented program而言,prof不会指望小硕能给伊做出神马research。不过试一试总是应该的,只要邮件别写的太X… 你的名字在他眼前晃一晃或许有意想不到的效果哦~ The exposure effect啊!熟悉的事物会让人产生莫名好感呐!


虽然我在这方面吃了大亏,造假也早已不是少见的事,得了便宜的人也不可能都遇到了什么报应,但我相信,人在做,天在看,Things will have a way of coming back to us in the end. 哪怕仅仅是为了内心的安宁与坦荡,也还是傻一点吧。

等到3月底实在不淡定,按去年应该发interview了,问了小秘说三周之内会update status. 又等了两周没动静,极强的不祥预感,应该是最后再慢慢发rej吧…

After Admission Committee Decision


Professor: …… Although your academic credentials and support letters are excellent, this program has a strong requirement that students gain job experience in the form of internships in one of the professional fields for which we train…….有比较明确的rej理由,无论是不是借口,都方便第一轮回击



……I realized that I may not have much work experience, therefore, I started another internship since February to help cover the shortage. It is because I have already submitted my application materials in late January that I was not able to include this part in my package at that time. …… Till August or September, when your program begins, I will have as long as seven-month full-time work experience. I really hope this updated information could help you reconsider my application. 抛出重要事实,表明心意

…… I can also provide a new recommendation letter from the director of my team, who supervises my work currently. 增加真实性,而非口说无凭的垂死挣扎

…… It is true that the application process did help me know myself, about who I was, who I am, and what I should do to realize my dream and become who I want to be. I have spent a lot of time and effort only to find out that I was not that much into academic research compared to put my ability and passion in workplace, though our psychology department actually encouraged students to get into academic world. I do appreciate that I can start a career-oriented master program to better equip myself. MHB is no doubt the perfect one. 心路历程,情绪复杂,但要记得表明忠心



Professor: ……However, the decision of who to admit for Fall 2012 has already been made, and we had to turn away a great many qualified applicants because the size of classes would be too large if we took them all.  I am confident that the Committee would not consider you for admission for Fall 2012.  They would consider you for Fall 2013.

But even if you decide to apply again, do not put all your hopes on the MHB program. The competition for admission has become increasingly difficult as our unique program becomes better known.  I cannot guarantee that your academic credentials would make the cut next year……

客套话之后,就很强硬地表示今年没戏,明年也未必,标红的两句话真正惹怒了姐,靠!拽毛拽!不发威你当我是Hello Kitty啊!遂决定argue到底。


…… As for the summer internship, it is much more easy and convenient for me to find one in Beijing, so it’s totally OK if you cannot provide me with an internship in LA……. it is likely that not all admitted students will finally choose MHB. If there is available place for Fall 2012, would you mind considering my application? 信息量很大的一封长邮件里主旨必须highlight出来,不然老头子会忘的,下文同

Here I will briefly summarize my core competence:

1) Though I only have limited relevant internship till now, I am still working hard to experience more and gain insight into public relations…….

2) Deep involvement in campus association and internship at consulting firm also prove my working capability in communication aspects……

3) I have deep understanding of human behavior due to solid psychology and economics knowledge, and I made use of resource in campus to prepare me for a career……


I understand that many qualified students may be denied because of class size, but I would feel terribly sorry if I were one of them. It was around June 2011 that I first saw MHB’s website, fell in love with this unique program and paid continuous attention to every small change in those pages. I can even list all your new information and requirement compared with last year (^_^)……




Professor: You are certainly passionate about this goal…… I will see if the Admissions Committee is willing to move you onto waiting list…… 老头子松口了,看到希望了~


老头子表示,他担心non-native English speakers with limited work experience不能在LA找到实习,完成不了学分毕不了业,故希望我提供证明自己肯定能在中国搞到实习,这份assurance将非常helpful。





发邮件给大boss,请她帮忙。草拟了一份邮件structure,列出3个key point,打造成assurance letter外衣的华丽丽recommendation letter。都这时候了,再不夸来不及了




又一封冠以Admission Committee Decision的邮件降临,Dear Ms. Xiang — Congratulations!

我本以为是把我成功放到了waiting上,还想着下面怎么套出我在WL上的位置,继续增加曝光率,一有人decline就想到我…… 结果打开电脑再仔细看看,貌似这就录取了~没想到一步到位了!

Brief Summary

1) 找准管事儿的人,第一封邮件砸过去,言简意赅,戳重点,打动人,确保引起注意。

2) 务必搞清楚被拒绝的核心原因,借口也好,理由也罢,提供最有力的证据,各个击破。

3) 积极跟进,发动一切可以动用的关系,不是有六度分隔理论(Six Degrees of Separation)咩。

4) 注意语气,不卑不亢,别搞得太低三下四,没必要,当然也不能太拽了,总之别让对方懒得理你。

5) 实验性地适当加点小技巧,语法上使使坏啊,一个简单的小表情啊:) 连阈限下刺激都有用,有没有attention就显得不那么致命了。

6) offer寺我还真没去,AD钙奶也没喝,只去过雍和宫,decline掉不去的学校,个人认为赶快withdraw or decline最实在最积德。

Many Many Thanks to My Beloved Ones

为了使得这份经历可以被借鉴,故隐去了Song Cao及其老板的大力支持!还要感谢Mommy, Daddy, Joanna Ma, Cissy Wang, Irene Shen, Huan Wang, Amanda Yi, Prof Gong……在这艰难四天里的帮助与陪伴。





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JL补充:如果你非常喜欢某个学校的某个专业,且认为自己是应该可以申请上的,为什么会被拒呢?那么去argue一下吧~ 不要放弃机会~












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